SMD Moving Service Includes:


Free on-site written estimate

A moving consultant provides a full evaluation and flat-rate estimate creating a plan that works for you. The same moving consultant is a part of all phases of your move, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.


Quality packing materials

We only use and offer the most durable and high performance packaging materials ensuring a smooth move.


Professional & experienced staff

We value who we employ and send into your home or place of work. In addition to prior moving, installation, and carpentry experience, all employees completed job-specific training.


State-of-the-art moving equipment

Each truck sent to your home or office is fully equipped with the appropriate, industry-leading equipment needed to get your job done.


Shrink wrap and blanket all furniture

All furniture is quilt-padded and shrink-wrapped providing maximum protection prior to exiting your home or office.


Furniture disassembly & reassembly

Any item we dissemble is reassembled at your next destination. We do this to add thorough protection and ensure safety during transit for oversized or delicate items.


Furniture and box placement

All belongings are placed in your desired rooms or locations. By the time we leave, all of the heavy lifting is done providing easy access to your belongings.


Residential Moving

Commercial Moving

At Smooth Move & Delivery, our specialty is local and long distance household and office relocations. Whether you are moving within the same building, down the street, or across the country we will create a moving plan that suites your specific needs. As a full service moving company, we take on jobs of all sizes, small to large, dealing with any level of complexity. We understand that every move is different and can offer customized services to meet your needs, an expert move coordinator to carefully develop a move plan, and full-time, fully-trained crews who will treat your belongings as if they were their own.


A move coordinator will provide your estimate, carefully develop your moving plan, and expertly execute it from start to finish. The moving coordinator will lead every aspect of your move ensuring nothing but the highest customer satisfaction. A moving coordinator will come to your home, take a look at your space and furnishings, find out exactly what you need, and explain exactly how SMD will manage your move. Imagine how much less stressful your move will be with one person handling all of the details? Your move coordinator will do just that, outlining the best plan for your move, reserving the right crews and trucks, answering your questions and guiding you through everything from packing to insurance.


Each and every member of our fully-trained packing, moving, and installation teams keep the customers best interest in mind at all times. Before anything is packed or moved, our trained moving professionals prep your space with proper padding and runners to ensure maximum protection of your property. Our crews are trained to put together and take apart things like beds, dressers, entertainment centers, desks, shelving and more. If an item needs special assembly or disassembly, simply let your move coordinator know, and we'll make sure the right person is available on the day of your move. All furniture is wrapped in a protective layer of clear, plastic stretch wrap or a quilted moving pad to protect it from things like dirt, debris, and weather. Once everything is ready, items are systematically loaded onto our trucks making certain everything is secure. Before moving your belongings into your new space, you and an SMD representative will create a floor plan, designating where all boxes and furniture items need to go. Our strong sense of customer satisfaction gives us the ability to deliver an exceptional service each and every move.


If you are seeking handyman services such as hanging fixtures, TV’s, or hooking up electronics, our moving and installation professionals can additionally accommodate these requests. Simply let your move coordinator know, and we'll make sure we have allotted the appropriate tools and time to accommodate these requests. It’s just one of the ways we make your move easier on you before, during, and after your move.

At Smooth Move & Delivery, there is nothing overlooked when taking on a commercial relocation. Our project management, professional moving and installation teams, and equipment allow us to execute our office and commercial relocations seamlessly. While complying with building regulations and accessibility guidelines, we work toward eliminating business disruption and getting your company up and running at its new location as quickly as possible. Our goal is to minimize the time in-between your company’s hard-stop and hard-start times. This time-frame refers to the disconnection, de-installation, tagging, packing, transportation, reconnection, and re-installation phases involved with your commercial move. Relocating an office involves moving sensitive documents, furniture, other critical business property, and especially technology. We understand your company's performance is dependent on your office technology. Our company's performance is dependent on preparing and moving that technology safely, seamlessly, and timely. Our moving teams are trained to pack and protect your valuable computer workstations, servers, printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and delicate electronic devices.


Project Management:

We understand the significant trust a company places in us when we are selected and we honor our commitments by providing the resources you need to relocate your business on time and within budget. When we introduce a project manager to your move, that person will stay with the project until the very end. Leadership is key to any business move and keeping a single point of accountability for the entire duration is critical to success.


Professional moving and installation teams:

Our standard is to utilize the same moving crews day to day throughout the duration of your project to allow for the highest level of efficiency and customer service from start to finish. Our moving and installation crews are informed with the moving plan before arrival. All team members understand their role, responsibilities, and customer priorities maximizing the time spent on the job-site. Additionally, each and every member of our moving and installation teams are relocation professionals. All moving and installation employees have completed job-specific training, arrive in company attire, and have passed a criminal background check and met drug screening standards.



Our tremendous knowledge and experience allows us to ensure exactly what equipment is needed to meet the needs of every project. We own and use the best equipment in the industry. We have an extensive supply of rubber wheeled dollies, rolling carts, building protection, furniture protection, and moving trucks. When you choose Smooth Move & Delivery for your commercial move, you can be assured that we have the equipment to get the job done right.


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